How To Revise An Essay And Make It Better?

Revise An Essay

No one likes to read sloppy work. A small typo or spelling error can impact your image and can affect your grades eventually. Thus, you must understand that writing the essay and editing the essay both are equally important. You won’t have to search “who can rewrite my essay if you take precautions pre-hand. Today, we are giving out some revising strategies and tips that will help you to nail a polished and flawless essay. These tips are a total savior and can get you the grades you wish for on your mark sheet.

7 Tips On How To Revise An Essay

  • Keep a fair amount of gap between writing and editing. If you are writing today then edit it on a different date. Keep at least a 2 days gap to get a fresh perspective. Everything will seem to be in place on the day you write but when you read it after 1-2 days you will find it very different. There might be grammar out of place or a wrong tense or punctuation. Thus, it’s best if you consider this point strongly. You can always find someone to do it for you by looking up “who can write my essay?” 
  • Read every word line by line out loud. Yes, it was a common practice for all of us while growing up but don’t think it doesn’t work anymore just because you are a grown-up. Reading out loud will help you understand if the tone, style of writing, and vocabulary fell into place or not. 
  • Don’t consider revision as just checking spelling mistakes and tenses. There is much more to that. When you are revising make sure it has revision on content too. Your content should have quality and correct sequence in your content. Your work should be properly referred to.
  • Check the content for your academic writing. Your content must have an academic and formal tone. Also, you can use your voice and writing style to present your information. Prefer third-person writing, which is more accepted academically.
  • After you have checked your content and sequence it’s time to check grammar. From spellings and punctuations to modifiers and transitions, all need to be proper. The best way to do it is to use a tool like Grammarly or Hemmingway Editor. It will automatically detect the issues and highlight them so that the work is finished quickly.
  • The last and final thing to revise is to check content for plagiarism. A plagiarism-free essay is a prerequisite and not paying attention to it can get you in some serious trouble. Use an online plagiarism checker to check your essay.


People often pay more attention to the writing and research part of the essay when editing and revising are equally important. Hence we would recommend you to consider the above tips and act accordingly. Ignoring the revising of an essay is like preparing the cake and noticing it. The complete combination of essay writing is writing & editing both. 

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