SEO Techniques to Improve Your Rankings

SEO Techniques

Before I dive into the intricacies of optimizing a web page, it’s important that you understand that ranking well at Google, Yahoo & MSN consists of 2 things. On-page, SEO involves the placement of our important keywords and keyword phrases while off-page SEO involves acquiring links to our website.  I talk about links in another article.

Since search engines algorithms have evolved over time, some things seem to matter less than they used to.  For example, placing your keyword phrases into your meta keywords and meta description tags seem to not have as much importance as they used to. The most important thing to do properly is your keyword research.  You want to use words and phrases that already have significant traffic. This means that the phrases are searched consistently over time at the search engines. You need to find a niche that is frequently searched but also doesn’t have a whole lot of competition either.

So rather than go after the big fish, try to use long tail phrases. These are phrases which narrow down the more general phrases. So for example, if I was starting an auto insurance website, I might try to use “auto insurance quote”, “auto insurance company”, etc. A great tool to use is the Google AdWords tool.  If you don’t already have an AdWords account, simply sign up at Google for the AdWords pay per click service.

One you have decided on your keyword phrases, select a domain with a keyword in the domain. I always do this and if you can’t find one, use can try to hyphenate it to locate an available domain.

Your website should have keywords in the title tag.  I do it like so:  keyword one | keyword two| keyword phrase 3

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Your keywords & phrases should be used prominently in your main text and it doesn’t hurt to use underline, bold, or italic fonts to differentiate them from the rest of the text. A web-page will rank best with good content and a page with just some images and little text and just some links will not do as well. Google always want to find the most relevant pages to rank and the phrase “content is king” holds very true at Google.

You can do a few other things such as placing just one or two of your keywords into your alt tags for images and I also like to use a few comments with keyword phrases.  Comments look like and also

Also try using your important keyword phrases  in your navigation links. If your website is built around a central theme, you can use your navigation links to link to your other pages on your site. 

Scot King is a SEO services consultant and author of Website Optimization Simplified. This free ebook is available through his website at [] through the footer of the site. He is the co-developer of the site which is written in the language. It has been under development since 2006 and it has undergone many programming changes as the result of member feedback. It comes with a link exchange script that automates the process of exchanging links and saves webmasters valuable time by not having to perform copy/paste of linking code into link pages and uploading to a web server.

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