Ten Places To Explore This Monsoon In Mumbai

Monsoon In Mumbai

The coastal city of Mumbai is the perfect destination for a vacation when you book flights to India. Flights from New York to Mumbai is easy enough, and you can book a New York to Mumbai flight to kick start your journey. India has five distinct seasons, and the monsoon season in Mumbai is something you need to experience for yourself. Even though the monsoon season can be quite harsh at times, booking your flights to India at this time is a treat for the eyes. Enjoying a cup of Mumbai’s famous cutting chai with pakoras while it rains is the most splendid experience you can have. Mumbai has so many sides that you need to explore like a traveler, and the monsoon season is one you cannot miss. To make your monsoon experience even better, here is a list of monsoon getaways that you need to explore when you book your flights to India.

Marine Drive:

Marine Drive is a must-visit place any time you fly from New York to Mumbai. As a popular landmark of Mumbai, Marine Drive needs to be at the top of your itinerary when you come here. Walking along with the Queen’s necklace and looking out at the distant horizon during monsoons is a beautiful experience that you would not like to miss. So, grab a cup of cutting chai and enjoy the view while you can.

Bandra Bandstand:

Want to enjoy a stunning view of the Arabian Sea? The Bandra Bandstand area is the place to be. Offering a fabulous view of the sea, as seen from the ruins of the fort, this area is also home to several Bollywood stars. The Walk of Stars is a tourist spot nearby, and it is also a place worth checking out while you are in the area.

Carter Road:

Another popular hipster area is Carter Road in Bandra. Lined with cafes and offering a stunning view of the city, taking a walk along the Carter road is the perfect way to enjoy monsoons in Mumbai. Given that Mumbai is home to Bollywood, there is a high chance that you might just run into some celebrities here as a number of them call this area home. 

Juhu Beach:

Here is another perfect spot to enjoy the monsoon weather. Want to relax while you fill your stomach with warm food? Juhu Beach is just the place for you. From Bhutta to various kinds of chaats, the vendors in this area offer mouth-watering food. Taking a stroll by the beach while you enjoy one of these amazing street foods is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. The stunning sea view only adds to the entire experience.

Worli Seaface:

Now here is a place that offers you an incredible view. With a backdrop of the Bandra Worli Sea Link, Worli Fort, and Haji Ali Dargah, this area is great to spend your time with. As this area experiences high tides most of the time, be prepared to be soaked in water when you visit. You will also be able to enjoy the open space, as this area isn’t frequented by many people during the monsoon season. So, if you are looking for some solitude, then head over to Worli Seaface or take a drive through the Bandra Worli Sea Link.

Gateway of India:

A major landmark of the city of Mumbai, the Gateway of India is an essential part of the history of the city. It is an especially nice spot to visit during the monsoon season, as the high tide in the area only adds to the beauty of it all. This area has some chic cafes where you can enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee while you look out at the beautiful weather. 

Manori Creek:

Want to escape to a serene beach? The quaint little village of Manori is the right place. With barely any people around and some tantalizing street food, you can enjoy a great time here. Walking along the beautiful beach here will surely soothe your soul.

Powai Lake:

Located in a northern suburb of Mumbai, this artificial lake offers a picturesque view. Visitors have plenty of options to spend their time here. You can either take a walk around the lake or enjoy a ride on a boat or just relax in the garden area with some delicious food for company. This pretty area is wonderful for enjoying the monsoon season.

Kanheri Caves:

We know what you’re thinking. How is going to a cave a good idea for a monsoon trip? Well, you might just be surprised once you visit this area in all its glory. The Kanheri caves offer a stunning trek that you can enjoy during the monsoon season. If you are someone who enjoys both history and nature, this is the perfect area for you.

Madh Fort or Versova Fort:

Overlooking the Marve Beach and a sprawling coastline, the Versova Fort offers a spectacular view. Given its proximity to the naval base, you will require special permission to visit this area. However, if you can’t have that, you can simply head over to the nearby Aksa Beach that offers you a great view of the place. Often featured on TV shows, the Versova Fort also offers a great retreat for a nice monsoon adventure with your family or friends.

These places are worth exploring as it is, but the monsoon seasons add an otherworldly charm that you need to see with your own eyes. Watching the rainfall and then the clean landscape that you see after is a sight for sore eyes. To add to your experience, you can even hop on to one of the local trains, and watch the city pass by in a blur as the rain falls. But, make sure that you do so during the non-peak hours to ensure that you do not get caught up in the chaos of the train stations. 

All you have got to do now is book your New York to Mumbai flight ASAP and fly away to enjoy the Mumbai rain. So, grab your bags and book your New York to Mumbai tickets to embark on a wonderful journey.

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